Building Regulation Drawings

Our planning and construction drawings include all the detail needed by a builder to complete the project using a Builders Notice. However for larger or more complex projects we would advise completing a Full Plans application to building control. This would normally be done after Planning Approval but before getting quotations from builders.

During this process we add detail to the drawings specifying in detail all the elements covered by Building Regulations - Structure, Insulation, Fire Safety etc. This is then submitted to Building Control for approval. Once approved you have a more detailed set of drawings that can be given to your selected contractor.

The advantages of using this process are that each contractor is pricing for the same thing and the quotes are easier to compare, as the detail has been agreed in advance there are unlikely to be disputes with the Building Inspector which can lead to delays and/or increases in cost.

The disadvantage is the additional fee for producing the drawings and agreeing the specification with Building Control, the builder has less flexibility to selecting and sourcing materials.

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