Planning Applications

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When is planning permission required? Find out more.

The completion of a Planning Application usually follows the following form:

A Feasibility Study

This takes the form of a discussion where we decide what is required, what can be achieved, what will it cost, do we need planning permission etc.

  • Do we have any scope for extending?
  • How much more space do I need?
  • Will we need Planning Permission?
  • What will it all cost?
  • How long will it take?

Following this discussion you will be provided with a detailed and itemised cost of each element of the whole process from initial design to construction drawings including any applicable statutory fees.

This can usually be completed by telephone and email, if you prefer a more in depth discussion 'on site' we make a small charge which is refundable should the project proceed.

B Site Survey

This requires a full survey and access all areas to prepare the CAD drawings of the existing property including the plans & elevations which will form the basis of our design work.

C Proposed Drawings

Initial proposals are produced and the 1st draft of the proposed works are presented. These are sent by email or post to allow you to review prior to the follow up meeting to review the proposals.
This process continues until you are happy with the design. It starts with the basic outline of the extension and adds detail as we work together.

D Submit the Application

Once the design is finalised we then add detail and other elements required by the planners, complete the application form and submit. Following submission we may be asked to change the design by the planners – this is usually straightforward – the important thing from your point of view is that there is no charge for these changes.

E Consent Achieved

Most applications receive consent, some will have been amended and most will have conditions attached covering certain details. Some applications will be rejected – it must be remembered that no one can guarantee that a planning application will succeed – we will do all we can to achieve consent and will amend and re-submit if necessary at our own expense in most cases.

Once consent has been granted you now need to consider building regulations. Our standard drawings include all the detail needed for your builder to complete the works using a Builders Notice, dependant upon the size and complexity of the project we will advise if a Full Plans Application is required

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